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Re-inventing an icon

Perrier and Dragon Rouge have updated the powerful features of the iconic brand’s visual heritage and invented a new design language symbolising the instantaneous fusion of air and water, the surging intense bubbles of life.

The new design is expressed from the logo to the brand’s world, from activation to advertising at events, especially on the products and packaging in cafés, hotels, restaurants (CHR) and supermarkets.

This is the first time since Perrier’s creation in 1863 that a single design has expressed the brand from Europe to America and Asia.

A Supermarket packaging design that promotes the offer's diversity

Perrier, the world’s top sparkling mineral water brand, boasts a new packaging design to win over its next generation of fans, who enjoy healthy, thirst-quenching, low-calorie drinks.

The visual - surging intense bubbles of life represents Perrier’s unmatched energising force and sets the tone for all the packaging whatever the size (individual bottles to and family size packs) and features each variant’s colour - lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, mint, green apple, strawberry and watermelon.

The irresistible design has a colourful impact on shelves and makes it easier to understand the offer in every country where the brand is found.

360° visibility focusing on use

An activation campaign rolls out the new 24/7 strategy that communicates Perrier’s new design: there is an intensity, a size and a flavour for any time of day — enjoy it plain or in a cocktail, with family, on-the-go, socialising with friends, at home or out on the town.

Status and an iconic design at the heart of the CHR market

Cafés, hotels & restaurants promote and nurture Perrier’s iconic status.

The emblematic 33cl bottle, an icon of photographers, has been subtly updated with a precision worthy of Swiss watchmaking.

The “P” becomes the brand’s new visual asset in its social advertising. Contemporary and creative, it adorns stylish objects, chic goodies and Perrier furniture.

The social networks and digital technology transmit that high-status identity.

The Perrier partnership illustrates Dragon Rouge's know-how

The more-than 20-year partnership between Perrier and Dragon Rouge draws on all the diversity of the agency’s resources, including upstream consulting, foresight, innovation, workshops, graphic design, volume, the graphic chain, production follow-up and an international network.