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Batavo Showcase Image 1
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Established in Brazil in 1928 Batavo is one of the most traditional brands in the country. It was created by Dutch and it’s proud of its origins. Its dairy expertise is almost a quality certification.

World Cup – new yoghurt flavors to celebrate the occasion
Dragon Rouge team was invited to develop the packaging for a limited edition that was launch to celebrate the World Cup in Brazil. Two flavors were launched under Pense Zero Sub-brand: Pear and Jabuticaba. The result is a special edition that celebrates all Brazilness!

Batavo Greek
After changing its positioning in Brazil Batavo needed to apply the new definition to its products. The new greek yoghurt concept should explore flavor, texture, origin and tradition. As a solution we went for a great presence of white color and trying to enhance the texture: smoother and creamier. A true invitation to taste a little bit of Greece.

Batavo Dessert
Dragon Rouge’s mission for these products was to make them extremely attractive on shelf, differentiating them from competitors. It was important for the client to create desire and highlight the flavors: chocolate, caramel and Berries. The answer was a mix of ingredients with a velvet and creamy texture, enhancing the flavor in a modern way. Seduction and indulgence are words that define the new Batavo desserts packaging.

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