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Lindoya Verão Showcase Image 1
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Lindoya Verão

Lindoya Verão is a mineral water brand that has been present in Brazil for over 60 years. One of the first to be commercialized in the country, it is recognized for its quality, tradition and origin. However, the industry growth seen in Brazil (at a growth rate of around 20% per year, the country put itself among the four top consumers of the category in the world) intensified the competition, and Lindoya Verão needed to get back to its prominent position in the market and get closer to the public again.

The challenge we faced was to be able to unite tradition with youthful characteristics that would attract the new Brazilian consumer. We developed a market study, analyzed tendencies and defined values that would be associated with the water quality and attributes related to happiness and good humor. The result is the new brand positioning: a water with summer spirit, which emphasizes a light way of life and positive approach. We created a new visual and verbal identity for the brand, thereby consolidating its communications efforts, and reformulated the logo and packaging for the whole family product. The graphics invoke its origins, representing the mountains. The sunny and bright attitude was captured with the use of the orange color and the rounded shapes like the sun, which reference the colors and feeling of the summer season.

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