Mélanie Gransart

Creative Director Consumer Branding, Paris

Melanie has been Creative Director of Packaging since 2011. She rejoined Dragon Rouge after 7 years of professional experience in other agencies. Now, she works with a global, strategic and creative perspective across mass consumption, cosmetic and alcoholic drink campaigns. Melanie started her career at Dragon Rouge and then joined The Brand Union, Hotshop and Black & Gold as a Creative Director.

“I make sure all my creative team members are connected to each other. I love the self-direction and dynamism at Dragon Rouge; there are plenty of opportunities that spur me on.”

Apart from Dragon Rouge, the design and industrial era are part of her daily life. She wants to remain open to change and innovations, although the Internet and its fundamental principles sometimes prevent her from reaching the heart of the project. She asks her team members to see beyond the immediate in order to keep a fresh and creative mind.

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