Małgosia Leniarska

Managing Director, Warsaw

Małgosia is the founder and Managing Partner of Dragon Rouge in Warsaw. She created the agency in 1994, when branding was a new word in Poland- her dream was to create an environment where talents and ideas would thrive at their best. She likes to believe every team member and every client can feel this creative energy and generosity when working with Dragon Rouge.

"I'm passionate about brands and how design helps them to win the hearts and minds of consumers. I love those moments when new ideas are born and designers enthusiastically present how they would like to make them visible and engaging" - Małgosia says.

She has extensive project experience on many fascinating brands, both local, international and in the CEE region in various sectors: including confectionary, drinks, paints, service brands and heavy industry. It's this diversity of the challenges, people and cultures that makes her believe she has the most interesting job; one that can teach something new every day.

Prior to joining Dragon Rouge she was marketing pioneer in Colgate Palmolive in its early days in Poland; that is where she realised how powerful branding can be and decided that she wanted to work with the most talented people to inspire something great.

When not in the agency, Małgosia can usually be found in the Art Academy teaching design students, or… trying to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics. She dreams about living in Africa.

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