Olivier Vinet

Creative Director Corporate Branding, Paris

Olivier has been our Creative Director of Corporate Branding for the last 11 years. His day-to-day responsibilities focus around making the best use of design to express the ideas central to brand identities. Regardless of subject, he takes an anthropological approach to creating a design that is seamlessly continuous with the message to be communicated. Before joining Dragon Rouge, Olivier gained valuable and multicultural international experience at Newell and Sorrell, followed by Interbrand in Amsterdam and London. Since then, he has brought great open-mindedness and multiculturalism to all our creative work.

“I channel all my energy into making sure that a design conveys exactly what I intend it to: we apply an anthropological and non-judgmental approach based on understanding underlying codes in order to arrive at a design that takes full account of market, cultural and situational contexts.”

Exploring art, photography, exhibitions and performance art are also part of Olivier’s daily diet. Look closely, and you'll see that he always has a camera within hand’s reach to capture slices of life.

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