Sophie Grenier

Consumer Branding - Innovation and Trends

Sophie has been senior consultant on innovation and trends since 2001. Gifted with the ability to interpret behaviour, Sophie sounds out current signs of the times to forecast the trends of the future and provide food for thought for Dragon Rouge projects. With words and images combined within stories and concepts, Sophie inspires both strategy and the creative process. As such, her work can mean travelling to a haunted castle in the furthest highlands of Scotland in order to bring back inspiring symbols for a brand of whisky. Before settling at Dragon Rouge, Sophie worked for RSCG and then Brijatoff & Brijatoff.

“At Dragon Rouge, I never do the same thing twice," explains Sophie. “Each new subject is a new culture, a new state of mind.”

If you happen to pass by the Musée Delacroix in Paris or wander past a café in Saint Germain, you are sure to come across Sophie, busy trying to change the world or drawing sketches of passers-by on table napkins. She’ll be happy to chat to you about philosophy and art, but most likely, she’ll get you to do the talking - it’s what she loves best.

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