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Asecurama is a newly created brand by Gras Savoye Poland dedicated to selling insurance to consumers via Internet, call center and a network of independent brokers and multi-agents. The new service provides easy access to pre-selected offers from a number of insurance companies in Poland making it optimal for customer’s needs and budget.

Gras Savoye is a successful B2B insurance broker who wanted to use its knowhow, but not necessarily its name, in a growing consumer market. Property insurance, once commonly sold by dedicated networks of insurance companies’ agents is now noticeably sold more often by multi-agents or brokers. Gras Savoye wanted to take on this trend and asked us to create a new brand. The brand was to be easily identified with insurance but also perceived as modern and approachable.

We created the new brand’s strategy, new name and visual standards. We started with trust and security as key values but we also acknowledged that more than ever now, people want simplicity, help and human approach when buying services. This led us to the idea of making insurance only a little less serious than usual. We used the symbol of an umbrella - a cliché for insurance - just to make sure it is still in line with the category, but then we added an extra touch, a heart inside. You might not have noticed, but choosing an insurance policy always take a while. And while looking at Asecurama you will smile. Quite impossible with most other insurance brands, right?

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