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In 2014 France’s horse racing sector – France Galop, LETROT, La Fédération Nationale des Courses Hippiques, Equidia and the PMU, carried out a study to define their new strategic position.

They decided to create one common brand for the whole category and focus on increasing its popularity. To raise awareness, the group’s key players also organised the first ever horse-racing event combining 14 of the most beautiful races in one track.

Dragon Rouge was asked to create a new brand that would unite the public and offer a unique experience in horse racing.

To communicate the vision of the project we invented a brand full of meaning. EpiqE* puts the appreciation of horse racing back into the hearts of French people, and tells a story that combines the culture of horse racing and sports entertainment.

Inspired by the codes of Jockey silks, EpiqE brings horse-racing culture to life with an identity that combines appearance and stature. Branding for the competition will naturally be a translation of this new identity: EpiqE series.

*The name was created in collaboration with Joosnabhan

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