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Jacobs Krönung Showcase Image 1
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Jacobs Krönung

Jacobs Krönung (available in some markets as Monarch) is a brand with a special heritage, it is known for its quality and popularity across the world. It’s also a brand that has an extraordinary power of drawing people closer - the unique aroma gives an excuse to stop for a moment despite the everyday rush, it’s an invitation to meet and talk.

We made sure that the idea came alive through the new visual identification system for CEE markets. The project involved the entire brand portfolio starting from a wide range of soluble and ground coffees to the most refined group of bean coffee. The biggest challenge for the new visual identification was to build a more contemporary and truly emotionally engaging message whilst maintaining the brand’s strong visual heritage.

The new, refreshed packaging design was to make Jacobs Krönung brand mean more not only on the shelf, but in people’s hearts as well. The suggestive aroma visualisation has become the key element of the packaging. An almost tangible wisp of coffee steam, connecting two cups, affects the senses and emphasises the moments of pleasure with your loved ones. It also becomes a natural packaging axis, creating a strong rhythm on the shelf. The dynamic division into two contrasting surfaces intensifies this effect, making the packaging less static.

A simplified and refreshed brand logo remains the symbol of timeless quality, at the same time gaining clarity and elegance.

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