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La Cornue

Before Albert Dupuy patented the ‘Rôtisseuse Pâtissière La Cornue à gaz’ (literally ‘baking broiler’) in 1908, he was both perfumer, inventor and devoted admirer of the Chefs from The Belle Epoque - era of Ritz, Escoffier, Pellapart –. This revolutionary cook ring is based on the circulation of hot air in a vaulted stove, condensing all cooking flavors without dryness. This principle set the hallmark of La Cornue and was a key factor to the success of the detail-oriented, handcrafted and custom designing of exceptional stoves. In no time, ‘Chateaux 5 étoiles’ (literally: 5-star Castles), invented by Albert Dupuy’s son, won over the elite’s kitchens : Hollywood stars, financiers, high society members, all brought together by the love of culinary art…

In 1985, the founder’s grandson, Xavier Dupuy, took over the company. He expanded the brand in the vein of its core principles, continuously resisting standardization while developing new products. In 2010, he began a strategic change of direction. The question was how to keep La Cornue expanding to the new « affluent people » around the world, eager for novelty and modernity? Through innovation and extended product ranges. La Cornue took on cutting-edge design, exploited the latest cooking technologies, developed all-inclusive kitchen device and banked on the art of table decoration. One question remained : shouldn’t this 'new age' go along with a profound overhaul of the brand identity ?

In 1985, La Cornue had built up a « modern » identity, through a plate inspired by the shape of the vaulted stove. The current context has led us to take more radical decisions and focus on timelessness and essentialism. The new ‘menu’ has included switching back to the original trademark typography (from 1908), minimizing the color palette (white for the aprons, black for the stoves, and brown to reflect elegance and generosity). La Cornue is now part of a ‘culinary architecture’ project that sets out uniquely and harmoniously know-how, knowledge and attitude. See you in a hundred years !

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