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Marie Brizard

From design to activation, Marie Brizard goes into cocktail mode

Increasing sensations at the heart of the brand platform

Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits and Dragon Rouge have created a meaningful and historically accurate Marie Brizard platform by painstakingly reconstituting the brand’s archives scattered since 1755 (a contribution from Builders of Memory). Marie Brizard became the first female liqueur distiller back in 1755, when women were not even legally allowed to start a business. The brand gradually grew worldwide, reaching its peak during the Art Deco period — the golden age of cocktails. In addition to historical facts, Marie Brizard’s past conjures up pioneering boldness, creative agility, openness to the world, and style. Those values appeal to smart, urbane young adults worldwide — men and women always in search of rewarding, creative, unexpected sensations. Marie Brizard, Sensationnelle since 1755

A multifaceted creation embodying the key idea: increasing unexpected sensations

The diamond — an Art Deco motif based on the brand’s advertising heritage — is getting a new look to become a key, contemporary graphic feature steeped in sensuality. It is unexpectedly interpreted on all of Marie Brizard’s communication materials, from labels to objects, the bottles’ facetted décor and advertising at events. The bottles’ harmonious new shapes, elegant silhouettes and “divine” proportions are another nod to Art Deco. Four new bottles visually segment a portfolio of over 70 Marie Brizard products, from liqueurs of excellence to 100% pure cane sugar syrups and essences for shot mixologists in clubs. All the products feature Marie Brizard’s new visual identity, breathing new life into the brand and emphasizing the wide range of its offer beyond the world-famous Anisette.

Cocktails at the heart of the activation

Anisette and Parfait Amour — the flagship products underpinning the brand’s new architecture — spearhead communication towards the public in over 60 countries. They are complex combinations of fruits, plants, and spices. Just add a simple ingredient (lime juice, tonic water) to make cocktails worthy of the greatest mixologists. Sophisticated and foolproof Besides the concept, the agency created easy-to-memorise cocktail names, like the Marie Zest (based on Anisette liqueur) and the Marie Love (based on Parfait Amour liqueur), and a visual style setting them in an elegant apartment to emphasize how easy it is to make these drinks at home (mixology consultant: Emile Chaillot). The institutional signature created by the agency, Sensationnelle since 1755, is at the bottom of all communication materials, reinterpreted depending on each market’s legal requirements. Concept, key visuals and 360° communication by Dragon Rouge

An international rollout in partnership with bartenders

Bartenders worldwide will put Marie Brizard back at the centre of the cocktail world. The agency helped to create the MB Masters international mixology competition to promote that strategy. The winners from the 28 organising countries, including the UK, US, Spain, Japan and Côte d’Ivoire, have been invited to the grand finale in Bordeaux. The 2016 final, from 20 to 22 November, will focus on Marie Brizard’s citrus expertise: the “Orange Edition” and launch of the Marie Crusta cocktail will give Dragon Rouge an opportunity to develop a specific event identity. Concept, content, visual identity and art direction by Dragon Rouge (rollout on the ground: Agence Clémence Coiffe, Bordeaux)

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