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Redd’s Showcase Image 1
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Redd’s has been a leader in the flavoured beer category since its launch in 2000. However, the flavoured beer landscape changed dramatically in 2012. With the entry of new products like Shandy, Radler and Somersby appealing to male consumers, Redd’s started to lose its grip on the market and its female orientated brand positioning backfired.

A new approach was needed, so Redd’s changed the product formulation and as a result has become the most ‘beer tasting flavoured beer’ in the category. The next step involved a change of the brand image to make it more vibrant and universal to appeal to both men and women. Dragon Rouge was commissioned to redesign the brand identity that could effectively communicate the new brand positioning. We introduced a new brand proposition where its essence was encapsulated in a single letter – ‘R’. The letter’s unorthodox arrangement made it a brand icon. This alternative approach breaks established conventions and instils a new spirit in the brand. Redd’s has become the brand that intrigues.

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