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Thorny Rose

Creating a wine brand for a new audience

Constellation Brands is a leading wine company that produces labels such as Robert Mondavi, Monkey Bay, and Simply Naked. We partnered with them to create a new wine brand aimed at a younger wine drinker. With over 54 millions consumers coming of age for legal alcohol consumption in the U.S., this is the fastest growing consumer segment with the largest growth potential for the wine category*.

To capture the attention of this generation, Dragon Rouge worked with consumers, who offered first-hand insights into this generation - who they are, how they feel about themselves and how they choose and enjoy wine - to help create the brand. Based on these insights, we created Thorny Rose to speak to the non-traditional, creative, and adventurous spirit of the younger consumer with a fresh, edgy personality.

The brand name ‘Thorny Rose’ suggests that life is beautiful, but not without challenges that make one stronger. It conveys a casual spirit of sharing, exploration and discovery that is inherent in the lifestyle of the target consumer. The identity and final packaging concept gives Thorny Rose an eye-catching look and feel and premium presentation. Through research, consumers found the brand to be an intriguing, stylish, sleek and modern expression that is different from the current wine category.

*AC Nielsen: May 12, 2011; Wine Market Council Tracking Study

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