Consultant (Corporate team)

Brief description

The consulting team at Dragon Rouge works at pace on a wide range of client projects and briefs. This Consultant role contributes by providing great analytic, creative and strategic skills to the work we do.

Main Responsibilities

Strategic Consultancy
• Providing consultancy inputs (design of insight gathering/research programmes, brand and market analysis/audits, trends and analysis and interpretation) for strategy briefs.
• Contributing to the project delivery, as appropriate, through planning, organising and aiding the running of stakeholder interviews, meetings, workshops, analysing data/output and developing high quality, accurate and well-presented reports.
• Using a wide range of inputs to develop tight and clear brand thinking.
• Working closely with creative teams to help develop clear, pointed and inspiring briefs, where applicable for design implementation projects.
• Project management, with the ability to organise, coordinate and work at pace on numerous projects including being the main point of contact for the client.
• Taking responsibility for the financial management of projects, taking pride in bringing projects in on budget.
• Dealing with clients consultatively by demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of their business, including their wider industry sector and competitors.
• Participating actively in client meetings, ensuring that clear meeting notes are taken.

Wider development responsibilities
• Contributing to the consulting team’s business and client development activities by conceiving new business initiatives, assisting with the creation of presentations for new business meetings and contributing to the development and presentation of proposals and pitches.
• Identifying opportunities for cross-selling and extending relationships.
• Establishing a broad professional network among clients and contacts by networking, attending relevant events and participating in industry-relevant discussions and forums on social media in order to extend relationships and capitalise on information received about new business opportunities.
• Interpreting knowledge and ideas gathered within the context of the role for use in blogs, other web content and communications initiatives.
• Researching and developing presentations for seminars and articles, and delivering seminars where appropriate.
• Writing to/contributing to blogs, articles and thought pieces for publication.

Experience Required

Solid and significant experience of working on strategic problems for brands, particularly (but not solely) in B2B/corporate sectors.

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