Terms and conditions & Code of conduct for Dragon Rouge business partners


In order to maintain the reliability and quality of the services provided to its existing and potential customers, the Dragon Rouge Agency would like to remind users that consultation and/or use of the website www.dragonrouge.com implies acceptance and compliance with the conditions set out below, and laws applicable in France in communication on the Internet.


The terms „Agency“ or „Dragon Rouge Agency“ or „Dragon Rouge“ define all French or foreign subsidiaries that are part of the Dragon Rouge Group. All brands mentioned on the website www.dragonrouge.com, particularly:
– Names, logos, figurative marks, product names and / or services that are quoted or reproduced on the website www.dragonrouge.com are the exclusive property of advertisers, clients of Dragon Rouge Agency. As such, the user may not, under any circumstances use even partially, reproduce or represent these brands (unless prior written permission of the owners of trademarks). In the absence of a prior written agreement by the owners of trademarks, operation and / or use of these marks is strictly prohibited.
– The „DRAGON ROUGE“ brand are trademarks belonging to Dragon Rouge. Use of the „DRAGON ROUGE“ brand is therefore strictly prohibited on any grounds whatsoever without the prior written agreement of the Agency.


The aim of the website www.dragonrouge.com is to present the Agency’s vision, the services it offers and the latest creations it has developed for its customers. Information may be presented in any of the following ways:
– texts in the form of PDF, Flash, PowerPoint, Excel or Word presentations,
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– zipped documents,
hereafter referred to as Documents (this list is non-exhaustive). In any case, users should note the following:
– documents and, more generally, the content of the www.dragonrouge.com website are available for consultation only,
– documents and, more generally, the content of the www.dragonrouge.com website are not contractually binding.
Some features of the website www.dragonrouge.com require the use of the following software:
– Issu
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Dragon Rouge:
– does not guarantee that the information uploaded to www.dragonrouge.com is correct, although it uses its best efforts to ensure that such information is correct. As such, the Agency may not be held liable for any damage or loss suffered by any user after consulting such information
– reserves the right to change www.dragonrouge.com either partially or in full. Any such change will come into effect as soon as it is uploaded to the above-mentioned website. Users are held to have accepted any such change in future consultations.
– declines all liability for any difficulties encountered while accessing the website or for any communication failure. The Agency does not guarantee that the server hosting the www.dragonrouge.com website is free of viruses nor does it guarantee against any technical problems arising that may damage the components or data stored on the user’s computer.


In accordance with national and international law governing copyright and intellectual property (or similar rights), the use, reproduction, distribution, marketing, extraction or modification of any and all of the content of the website www.dragonrouge.com is strictly prohibited. The Dragon Rouge Agency does not transfer any intellectual property rights in respect of the Documents and, more generally, of the content of the www.dragonrouge.com website, in any form whatsoever. In accordance with the above-mentioned rules of proper usage, consultation of Documents may not be interpreted as constituting a transfer, even partial or temporary, of reproduction rights, performance rights or adaptation rights for all or part of the texts, methodological presentations or visual or graphic items contained on the www.dragonrouge.com website. The conditions of use attached to the Documents and, more generally, the content of the www.dragonrouge.com website are as follows:
In the event of an exceptional reproduction and/or distribution authorisation agreed by the Dragon Rouge Agency, as set out in a prior written agreement, the following note must be added:
COPYRIGHT © 2018 Dragon Rouge. All trademarks registered. All rights reserved.


Models, performers and generally all persons represented in photographs and films posted on the website www.dragonrouge.com have consented to the use of their image as part of the services provided for clients of the Dragon Rouge agency. Employees and managers of the Agency whose image is used on the website www.dragonrouge.com have consented to the use of graphic material as part of the site and only in this frame. Failing of a written agreement previously made by customers and / or the Dragon Rouge Agency, the use of the image the aforementioned persons is strictly prohibited in any capacity whatsoever.

Protection of personal data - Confidentiality

The protection of personal data is of utmost importance for Dragon Rouge. The configuration of the website www.dragonrouge.com gives Dragon Rouge the possibility of retrieving information that is attached to users of the website: the goal is to know you better, understand you and meet your expectations and needs.
Dragon Rouge is committed to maintaining strict confidentiality regarding the personal data collected on this website, which cannot, under any circumstances, be resold and/or communicated to third parties. The information collected is strictly confidential and is intended for the exclusive use of the members and services of the Dragon Rouge Group.
This personal data is subject to the provisions of the French Data Protection Act – 6th of January 1978 and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In accordance with these legal provisions, the user has the right to access, rectify and delete personal information. In addition, the user may request the portability of his data, or may, at any time, withdraw his consent or oppose the processing of his personal data.
The user can exercise these rights by sending a letter to the following address:
Address: Dragon Rouge – Marie-Laure Jamon – 32, rue Pagès – 92150 Suresnes – France
or by sending an email to ml.jamon@dragonrouge.com
The user can also file a complaint with a supervisory authority (in France, the CNIL: www.cnil.fr).



The introduction of a hyperlink to the website www.dragonrouge.com requires the prior written permission of the Dragon Rouge Agency. If you wish to create a hyperlink to our site, you must therefore contact the Communications Manager from our site.
The hyperlinks installed by Dragon Rouge towards other websites do not engage the responsibility of Dragon Rouge. Dragon Rouge has no control on the content of these websites and provides no warranty regarding the accuracy and completeness of information of any kind, provided on these websites. Dragon Rouge could not therefore be held responsible for the content of these websites or the use of information provided on this website.


The website www.dragonrouge.com allows you to easily share on social networks (facebook, twitter, etc..) most of the documents posted online. To share a Document, you must click a button type of sharing „Share“ or an icon representing the social network and preceded by the words „Share on“. Clicking on this button will take you to type on the social network you selected and invited, if you are not already connected to this network, to connect (with your username and password) or register.
Dragon Rouge is not responsible for actions performed by users on the social network website. In case of doubt, problem, complaint or questions, the user should contact the social network.
During a connection on the social network, the server of the social network website can place cookies, on the visitor’s computer, containing his ID and other information that the social network may need to be used in future connections. The information collected on the user by social network, including the pages he visited on our website or other websites, can be exploited by the social network in order to collect information statistics, publish targeted advertising on the user’s computer, etc… This information is not accessible by Dragon Rouge.
For more information, please refer to the social network’s Terms of Use, in particular the rules relating to privacy. Dragon Rouge does not have access to information exchanged with the social network and is not responsible for the interactions between our website and social network, in particular content (descriptions, invitations to visit Dragon Rouge, etc..) added by the user on the social network website. The user shall never make comments that might prejudice to the social network or Rouge Dragon (see our terms of use and conditions of use of social network).


These Terms of Use of the website www.dragonrouge.com are submitted to their interpretation and their execution, to French law. In case of dispute, French courts will have jurisdiction.


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Dragon Rouge Group S.A.S. and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as „Dragon Rouge“) have engaged in a proactive approach to sustainable development with their suppliers, service providers, customers and all third parties collectively referred to for the purposes of this Code, as „Business Partners“.

Dragon Rouge is committed to treating its Business Partners fairly and ethically.

This Code sets out our ethical expectations and applies to all our Business Partners. It formalises the commitments expected in the areas of anti-corruption, respect for human rights and labour standards, protection of human health and safety, and environmental protection.

By undertaking to work with Dragon Rouge, these Business Partners sign their acceptance of and compliance with the provisions of this Code (unless equivalent principles have been previously agreed).

Business Partners shall comply with the principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Sustainable Development Goals (UN)1 in all areas of the Code, pursuant to applicable laws, regulations and contractual provisions in force.

Any serious breach by a Business Partner of the principles set out in this Code shall constitute a breach of its contractual obligations, and may result in the application of the coercive measures provided for in the contract, including outright termination of the contract, at the cost of the Business Partner, without prejudice to any damages that may be claimed by Dragon Rouge.

Where a Business Partner, due to particular circumstances, is unable to comply with certain provisions of the Code, it will be required to immediately notify the relevant entity of the Dragon Rouge Group in order to agree on the corrective measures to be implemented.

Article 1 - Ethics

Entities of the Dragon Rouge Group and Business Partners shall act loyally to build and
maintain long-term trust relationships.
The entities of the Dragon Rouge group shall treat all their Business Partners with honesty and fairness, regardless of their size and profile, while respecting the specific framework of each country, which every employee should be aware of. Dragon Rouge Group employees and companies shall make all purchases in a fair and open manner.

The business partner shall conduct its activities in accordance with the principles of honesty and fairness and with applicable laws and regulations, particularly those relating to competition and the prohibition of corruption. In particular, the negotiation and performance of contracts must not give rise to conduct or events that may be qualified as active or passive corruption, complicity in trading in influence or favouritism.

1.1 – Gifts and hospitality
The Business Partners, when working on behalf of Dragon Rouge, agree not to offer Dragon Rouge employees, Dragon Rouge customers or any other third parties concerned (such as government representatives or public officials) gifts or hospitality for an amount exceeding a certain nominal value.
A gift offered by a Business Partner must not be intended to influence a business decision (or be likely to be perceived as such).

Hospitality offered by Business Partners must be used for business purposes, be of adequate value and must not be intended (or perceived to be intended to influence a business decision). Business Partners must not offer gifts or hospitality of any kind in the framework of a call for tenders or during contractual negotiations.

1.2 – Conflicts of interest
Business Partners are required to declare any potential conflict of interest before the
selection process begins. More specifically, the Business Partner must avoid situations in which there is an
actual or potential conflict of interest with employees of the Dragon Rouge Group or their relatives that could affect the independence or objectivity of their professional actions or decisions.

Where it has not been possible to rule out the occurrence of a conflict of interest, the Business Partner must act transparently and loyally by informing the relevant Dragon Rouge Group entity of the situation so that it can be handled.

Article 2 - Fight against corruption and money laundering. Competition law and international economic sanctions

Business Partners are required to comply with all applicable anti-corruption and antimoney laundering laws and must comply with competition law.
Business Partners shall not engage in any form of corruption for the purpose of obtaining an undue or improper advantage, whether real or perceived.
Business Partners may not participate in activities that could be perceived as an obstacle to competition.
Business Partners shall not do business with third parties subject to restrictions and shall be required to comply with the requirements required by the application of these international economic sanctions.

Article 3 - Human rights

Dragon Rouge expects its Business Partners to protect and promote the human rights of their employees. We expect them to behave as fair employers and to respect international labour standards, including the main conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and legislation prohibiting slavery and trafficking in human beings.

Article 4 - Compliance with labour standards

4.1 – Use of forced or compulsory labour
The Business Partner agrees not to use forced or compulsory labour as defined in ILO Conventions C29 and C105. Convention C29 defines forced or compulsory labour as „all work or service which is exacted from any person under the menace of any penalty and for which the said person has not offered himself voluntarily“. The retention, as a condition of employment, of identity documents, passports, training certificates, work permits or any other identification document is prohibited, as is the obligation for workers to provide deposits or financial guarantees.

4.2 – Use of illegal labour
The Business Partner agrees not to use illegal labour as defined by the rules of the countries in which it operates.

4.3 – Child labour
The Business Partner agrees to apply the provisions relating to the elimination of child labour and its protection, as defined by the ILO conventions. It specifically agrees not to employ persons under the minimum age required to work under ILO Conventions C138 and C182.

4.4 – Discrimination
Under the conditions provided for in ILO Convention C111, the Business Partner agrees not to make any distinction, exclusion or preference based on race, colour, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction or social origin which has the effect of destroying or altering equal opportunities or treatment in employment or occupation.

Pursuant to the same Convention C111, distinctions, exclusions or preferences based on the qualifications required for a particular job shall not be considered discriminatory. Likewise, the introduction of certain special measures to consider the particular needs of persons for whom special protection or assistance is recognised
as necessary on grounds such as gender, age, disability, family responsibilities or social or cultural level (positive discrimination) shall not be deemed discrimination.
The Business Partner shall comply with local legislation in terms of the employment of people with disabilities.

4.5 – Level of remuneration
The Business Partner shall respect local minimum wage legislation and agrees to pay employees their wages on a regular basis. The Business Partner agrees to pay for overtime in accordance with the rates defined by applicable local legislation.

4.6 – Working hours
The Business Partner shall comply with local legislation on working time, including overtime. In the absence of national laws, ILO standards should apply, i.e. working hours may not exceed 8 hours per day and 48 hours per week. Every worker shall have at least 24 consecutive hours of rest in any 7-day period, other than in exceptional circumstances.

4.7 – Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
The Business Partner agrees to respect the principles of freedom of association, protection of the right to organise and collective bargaining of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention C87, in accordance with local laws.

Article 5 - Health, safety and environment

Business Partners are required to comply with all applicable health, safety and environmental laws when working with Dragon Rouge.
Our Business Partners must ensure that appropriate measures are put in place to protect the health and safety of their employees and to mitigate as far as possible the impact of their business activities on the environment.

Article 6 - Audit

Dragon Rouge reserves the right to check that Business Partners comply with the principles set out in this Code through in situ or remote audits. If an in-situ audit is necessary, Business Partners will be notified sufficiently in advance and the audit should not unnecessarily disrupt their activities.

Article 7 - Whistleblowing

If you have any questions about this Code or its application, please contact your Dragon
Rouge contact directly.
If for any reason you prefer to report a problem confidentially by any other means, we
also have a dedicated reporting tool called: Dragon Rouge Integrity Line (Dragon Rouge’s ethics line)

This tool can also be used anonymously if necessary.
Dragon Rouge guarantees that nobody who reports an issue in good faith must be subject to reprisals. All cases will be properly investigated by Dragon Rouge, and appropriate action will be taken in the event of any breaches.

Dragon Rouge Group S.A.S. is the exclusive owner of all copyrights relating to this document. All rights reserved.