News • 25 04 2019

A 360° campaign to fight against FRAUD!

We worked with Transdev Île-de-France to create a new 360° communication campaign to combat transport fraud.

In collaboration with Influence at Work, Transdev has developed a scientific protocol called „Change by Transdev“. This method makes it possible to identify factors that motivate fraud behaviour in a particular region. The result: in Île-de-France, the fraud rate perceived by travellers is higher than the actual fraud rate. This is a real „passport“ for fraud, because the more widespread the behaviour seems, the more legitimate it becomes!

A communication concept based on social norms

First, a phase of investigation where bus travellers were questioned about their experience with fraud. Using their insight, we devised a communication concept based on social norms as the main vehicle to transform traveller behaviours and attitudes.

We developed a slogan, „Together let’s stop fraud“, as well as statements like „Most travellers respect the rules and pay for their tickets“, „Most passengers validate their ticket“, „Most passengers use the right ticket“. Our messages touch on social norms which encourages Ile de France residents to buy the correct ticket and to validate it.

By visually depicting the small number of fraudsters compared to honest travellers, the campaign helps to restore an accurate perception of fraudulent behaviour in transport in a non-stigmatising way. This motivates individuals to adopt the behaviour of the majority.

A 360° print and digital solution to change behaviour

Transdev Île-de-France has deployed more than 100,000 physical media on all its transport networks, including:

• Advertising posters inside and outside of vehicles
• Bus coverings
• Posters, decals and ground markings at bus stops
• Educational flyers distributed by outreach workers on transport networks.

To complete this on-the-ground campaign, audio announcements were made on board buses and coaches, anti-fraud posts were shared across Twitter and ads were released on Facebook. All campaign elements, both print and digital, highlight the new website: The site is the backbone of the campaign and allows Ile-de-France residents to obtain simple, practical information about the consequences of fraud. It also helps passengers to travel wisely as it lists monthly transport packages which are not known to all in the community.