News • 14 05 2014

A new visual identity for RIANS

Rians always pays close attention to the market, its consumers and changes in their expectations, but remains faithful to its reputation and high standards of quality. Dragon Rouge has helped the brand, one of the few to offer cheeses, ultra-fresh plain and fruity dairy products and desserts, update its overall design.

A new tone for rians!

The new graphic identity remains faithful to the history and values of a family dairy with know-how dating back over a century. It perfectly conveys the brand’s “tradition inspires us” positioning and the premium quality of its products. Rians aims to win over even more new customers, keep their loyalty and introduce the high quality of its products to new gourmets in stores.

The brand’s graphics have changed for a more high-end perception while proclaiming its roots: the “family dairy since 1901”.

Epicureans will relate to the new packaging, which plainly expresses a love of food and the truth of a century-old brand. The new Rians packs express the value it puts on the choice of ingredients to make each recipe and, quite simply, make it a good, beautiful product. They illustrate the brand’s high standards and goals: meeting the expectations of gourmet consumers and epicureans. The packs’ new decoration perfectly translates the respect for and selection of high-quality ingredients, undeniable dairy product know-how and the refinement and inventiveness of traditional recipes updated by Rians with a touch of inspiration.