News • 07 02 2019

Carrefour Insurance at your fingertips

The recently introduced Carrefour insurance is designed to make life easier for its customers with its self-service insurance card available on its store shelves and online. We worked hand in hand with the retail chain on the positioning of the Carrefour Assurance subsidiary but also on its identity, the design of its self-service cards and the associated point-of-sale advertising.

Colourful communications

We put product accessibility at the centre of its approach with a strong tagline: “insurance at your fingertips”. In fact, the unique positioning of Carrefour Assurance as both the distributor and insurer has enabled the company to develop a mindset and philosophies distinct to those of the traditional insurance sector. In doing so, the company maintains proximity with its clients.
This stance is visually reflected through colourful and lively-styled communications. It is also represented by the introduction of a new symbol „A“, a true marker of the insurance service’s accessibility throughout the customer journey. The tone of voice is straightforward which makes it easier to understand this service.

A comprehensive campaign

To bring this new concept to life, we developed internal resources (films, posters, etc.) to promote this new marketing method to employees. We also carried out an external communication campaign (particularly in the Carrefour ecosystem) presenting the omnichannel nature and products of Carrefour Assurance.