News • 22 05 2019

Contrex Green:
A world of discovery and fun!

An original, organic recipe

Contrex was looking to overcome its reputation as a weight-loss drink and communicate a more holistic wellness image. Our goal was to develop its „pleasures of health“ offer in a fast-growing market with increasingly innovative competitors. In order to stand out, Contrex will launch a line of organic maté infusions which will satisfy the demand for naturalness and discovery. All thanks to the mythical Latin American ingredient ‘maté’, which is not widely known in France.

A burst of subtle flavors

Contrex Green’s identity is a complete departure from the brand’s typical visual codes, marking a new and unique green world. Naturality, freshness and fun are reflected through relaxed typography, a vibrant design and the presence of the Contrex logo that legitimises the range. The contemporary blue and pink logo deviates from its original form but retains the codes of purity and transparency.