News • 14 01 2021

Engaging and mobilising employees around the Circular Economy


In December our CEO Joe Hale led a workshop with representatives from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and representatives from a host of companies in the EMF’s CE 100 network. The session focused on the power of formal and informal networks in helping companies engage and mobilise their employees behind the Circular Economy, and was attended by leading companies such as Unilever, Danone, Philips, Arup and IKEA.

The formal networks group explored more traditional methods of engagement such as board level ownership and senior champions, formal learning and development programmes, internal communication channels and aligning Circular Economy principles to individual company strategy.

The informal networks group explored the less conventional methods of engagement such as contextual storytelling, encouraging free time to learn, the impact of physical spaces to ignite innovation and creativity, as well as incentivising and rewarding the right behaviours.

As you can imagine there were some brilliant examples of how companies have overcome the challenges of remoteness, structure, conservatism and ingrained norms to ignite their people behind the Circular Economy and deliver real change in how they work.

We’ll be sharing a summary of the session in our next newsletter but if you are facing a similar challenge or just interested in learning more about the insights, please contact Joe directly via

Our work in this area doesn’t just focus on employee engagement. For nearly 25 years we have been working with our clients to help embed sustainability ambitions and commitments into the heart of their brand strategy, innovate through product and services and stand apart through more purpose-led communications. If you would be interested to know more about our broader credentials in this space please contact James Byrne via