News • 25 06 2020

It’s good, it’s LU, it’s organic!

LU is France’s most popular brand and the leader in the biscuit category. It endlessly innovates to keep up with increasingly fierce competition, which has upended consumer patterns. Nowadays, eating well doesn’t mean doing without!

LU puts generosity and satisfying a sweet tooth first and foremost, and to make good biscuits it takes good ingredients. That’s why the brand is launching its first range of organic biscuits for little ones and grown-ups, without compromising on enjoyment or health. They’re made with free-range eggs, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and a short list of all-organic ingredients. There are four kinds: the Sablé, the Nappé, the Marbré and the organic Mini Prince by LU.

We’re taking advantage of this launch to establish codes and signs for LU and Prince that initiate a new, true, simple and natural tone of voice. It is expressed in craft textures, colours and illustrations. Organic ingredients and some illustrative features remain common to both brands in order to create a consistent offer. In addition to the packaging, we also designed key visuals telling LU’s organic story for children and grown-ups. Lastly, the packaging is made of recyclable cardboard.