News • 21 05 2019

Meet our artisans

Back in 2016, we collaborated with Beachcomber to redesign its identity. As the leader of hospitality in Mauritius with eight hotels to its name, the Group embraced its new branding and slogan: „The Art of Beautiful“ – the beauty of the destination inspires kindness in people. The Beachcomber staff are at the heart of this approach, being true artisans of hospitality.

Fast forward to 2019, we decided to put the staff at the forefront of the new advertising campaign.

Every act of kindness by the personnel encourages guests to discover the beauty of Mauritian nature – this is how Beachcomber ensures that all its customers experience an unforgettable stay…

That was our starting point for the latest campaign, which reflects the hotel group’s core values. It also celebrates the unique expertise and premium care provided by its artisans of hospitality – a perfect match.

Under our artistic direction, photographer Stéphanie Tétu of La Company agency shot the visuals for the campaign. It unfolds like a story and is based on five themes: the family, the couple, golf, spa and diving.

The campaign, suitably titled „Meet our artisans“, invites readers to learn more about these people who would assist them during future visits to Beachcomber resorts. It was dispersed mainly through the Group’s social networks and website, which also showcases other content.

Custodian of vibrant Mauritian heritage, the hotel group is once again asserting its three fundamental pillars through this new campaign: protecting and improving the island’s environment, serving the community and promoting the prestigious „Mauritius“ brand… all while placing the guest at the centre of its endeavours.