News • 19 04 2019

The FlyBus: The bus that flies on water

Travel at high speed on hydrofoils in zero emission mode. The FlyBus is an exclusive transport experience available to companies situated near water: on the banks of a river, lake or sea.

It’s a concept devised by Alain Thébault and Anders Bringdal that bridges water and air. The design combines:
– the cabin of a business jet
– the hull of a seaplane
– the rear of a motorcycle boat with its teak deck.

The two founders who are also behind SeaBubbles (small 100% electric ‘bubbles’ for inland and coastal navigation) entrusted us with the preliminary engineering work.

We created the FlyBus brand as well as the first 3D shapes and visualisations of this innovative hybrid vehicle.

The most advanced, cutting-edge mobility technology will be deployed to create a high-end, zero-noise and zero-emissions mode of transport.