Presse • 02 04 2014

What will brands look like in 2030?

In this month’s ADMAP, we discuss the nature of branding and considers what brands may look like in 2030 in the UK.

The end of brands or decline of their importance is frequently predicted, but it is argued here that brands are likely to grow in influence. By 2030 space in the UK will have become a luxury as the population increases and brands will have to adapt to the lessening space consumers have to store products. People will become more mobile with material goods seen as an impediment to personal growth, leading to an increase in subscription services, renting and sharing. As the population ages, brands‘ focus on youth will diminish and older people will become target consumers. The concept of prosperity will change to emphasise happiness, with exclusive products or services being more about limited accessibility. As more data on individuals is collected sharing it will become a transaction with greater control and rewards for consumers. Finally, as resource scarcity becomes a challenge and trust in government wanes, brands will be relied on to provide solutions and so will play an increasing role in people’s lives.

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