Best of both worlds


We partnered with Danone UK to create a distinctive brand and packaging design for its latest product innovation and new range offer. Actimel Fruit & Veg Cultured Shots aims to help Danone recruit younger consumers and revolutionise the smoothies and juices category, with its new shot format yogurt smoothies.

The new product leverages the key insight that consumers like smoothies, but hesitate to drink them owing to their high calorie counts, offering fewer than 50 calories per bottle. The new Fruit & Veg Cultured Shots proposition balances Actimel’s USP (Immune System Support, Unique L. Casei Cultures and Iconic shot format) with smoothie cues of modern health and a high taste appeal.

Actimel Fruit & Veg shots are launching in three delicious flavours, each with a blend of specially selected fruits, one vegetable and on trend ingredient plus Danone’s signature fermented milk with L Casei cultures.


The key was to create a pack design that balanced Actimel’s existing equities with the promise of the new innovative product. The pack design needed to be relevant for the wider drinks category and its category codes of naturalness, ingredients/taste, shot-formats, and strength/immunity.


The design takes on board the semiotics of the wholesome science space, developed by Danone’s partner Sign Salad. The design is centred on paired back minimalism and driving naturality simultaneously. The use of colour involved a careful balance of bold and confident hues, but still reflecting the naturality of ingredients. This carefully considered colour palette is then supported by simple iconography and descriptors that further endorse the naturality story and simplify the brand voice, by focusing on fuss-free, easy to understand information on the bottle within a clear, navigable hierarchy of information. The natural paper texture on the multi-pack sleeve adds to the natural element at the point of consumer pick-up and supports the natural colours on the bottle.


Actimel Fruit & Veg Cultured Shots was made available in all stores in Ireland from late July 2019 while consumers in the UK were able to pick them up in Ocado from the 29th July and wider convenience stores, plus major retailers from September onwards.