life flow


Moving to
a global master brand

Aliaxis is a global leader in advanced plastic piping systems, providing communities worldwide with sustainable, innovative solutions for water and energy. Their global workforce of about 16,000 employees operates in over 45 countries. Aliaxis’ recent growth created a fragmented portfolio and low awareness of the parent brand. In addition, their pre-digital visual identity was in
need of an update. In 2016, they started D.N.A. (Delivering the New Aliaxis), with a key objective to move from a disparate collection of commercial brands to a simpler, integrated group to deliver a stronger global offer to its customers.

An optimised global brand architecture

We were tasked with the reappraisal of Aliaxis’ brand architecture across six continents. This required a large number of stakeholder and customer interviews, coupled with analysis of strategy documents. With this information, we then set about defining the new master brand, positioning Aliaxis as a hybrid of corporate parent and consumer-facing commercial. This involved reducing the number of regional brands, simplifying the picture for customers and making the different ways that the group can add value clearer – a challenging task when considering the heritage and customer relationships that had built the company’s success to date.

Aliaxis’ raison d’être

Supporting this strategy change, Aliaxis also realised the time was right to bring its identity in line with its ambitions as a global leader. We created an identity that brought their ambition to life in animated and static forms across the new brand portfolio. We anchored the identity on the logo, incorporating a ‘flow’ symbol. That symbol became a primary visual equity across the broader identity system. It informed a custom typeface with animated characters, a brand language connected to imagery and a colour palette that injected a much-needed vibrancy and energy to the brand. Photographs create a direct link to the flow symbol through the use of circular motifs, heroing Aliaxis people, operations and the end benefit to consumers. This has been consistently applied across a broad range of media including digital, animation, brochureware, tradeshows and office spaces.

The motion reflected in our new circular icon conveys that we are constantly challenging ourselves to accelerate and think beyond, reflecting our ambition to radically change the way we think about water and its usage. The motion in our logo also represents a global flow of people and ideas: collaborating and co-creating innovative concepts to manage water for better living. Tom Van Gyseghem Chief Growth Officer, Aliaxis

International impact

Our work has had a powerful effect uniting the business across borders and organisational structures. It has created a renewed sense of confidence and energy, perfectly positioning Aliaxis for the next chapter in its growth. It has brought greater clarity and focus to the brand portfolio and increased the role and representation of the parent brand. The result is a much stronger, more dynamic and unified brand that reflects Aliaxis’ commitment to “make life flow”.