Fresh Choice TianXianPei

Pioneering A
New Retail Model


Mengniu, one of the largest dairy brands in China collaborated with Alibaba and Focus Media to launch “Fresh Choice TianXianPei”, a new retail model for dairy products that allows consumers to place an order online and collect products from a smart refrigerator in their residential building. Products are kept fresh with a total cold chain delivery system right up to the fridge in your building, ensuring the whole process is easy, convenient and fresh.
Mengniu has appointed us to build up the brand strategy and a bold and eye-catching visual identity that could truly embody this groundbreaking retail model both online and offline.


After an extensive consumer study, we realised that the current dairy delivery or product delivery options, though convenient, still have certain pain points because consumers have to wait for the delivery at home.
However, Fresh Choice TianXianPei is able to solve this challenge as they have a chilled refrigerator in every neighbourhood where the goods will be delivered fresh and kept chilled until the moment you have arrived home to pick them up. Therefore, we suggested a brand strategy expression that centres around “Freshness Awaits You”.

A hint of nostalgia

Taking inspiration from the striped canopy of dairy shops in the old days, we developed a unique and vivid visual identity that symbolises a close friend who is there for you 24/7, which gives life to the brand’s attributes: witty, warm-hearted, always there for you. The contrast between dairy blue and disruptive bright yellow creates a strong visual impact that is eye-catching and instantly memorable. As the key touchpoint of the brand, the refrigerator is no longer a chilled container but personified with a cute and playful character who beamingly welcomes you every day.
We’ve also adapted the visual identity to other applications including wechat UI, delivery truck and various merchandises, creating a unified user experience both online and offline.
The brand was first launched in Suzhou and Changzhou in July 2018, and will soon be launched in other major cities of China in 2019.