Showing an
emotional side

Precious water that’s a bit too serious

Hépar is one of the few mineral waters that can claim to have a tangible functional benefit: it is the solution to intestinal transit problems. It’s an essential mineral water with many health benefits.
Its expert, conventional and serious image needed updating and enhancing in order to reassert its status as a rare water while also expressing its inspiring health benefits. A challenge!

Holistic health without the hang-ups

Bolder, more uninhibited communication has strengthened the brand and its identity, which needed to express a more emotional benefit.
We decided to express this „liberating“, upbeat side in the visual identity.
The bursts and coloured rays have become the brand’s new symbols, creating a strong sign of recognition.
Its look is more vibrant, engaging and free for a more contemporary, impactful image. The redesigned font is rounder but still preserves the status of an expert brand. Hépar, a rare find, an essential mineral water for liberated wellness!