Joy Fills

A snack with a smile

Shaking up the snack aisle

Mondelēz, the worldwide leader in snacking, has launched a new biscuit line in the UK and other European markets in response to consumer demand for a tasty, convenient snack. The sweet treats from global power brands like Oreo and Cadbury were designed to satisfy cravings on-the-go. We partnered with Mondelez to shake up the snack aisle with a modern, light-hearted brand. The bite-sized treats had to entice shoppers by appealing to both their taste buds and their playful side by communicating crunchy, creamy deliciousness in a fun way! A gleeful style in line with the global Mondelēz image was the main ingredient to ensure a successful launch.

Mindless munching

Our challenge was to create a unique look and feel for the product line while respecting the signature elements of everyone’s favorite chocolate brands. Crunch time! How could we indicate signs of abundance and lightness on the snack pack? We checked out our target market and spotted that millennials lead hectic lives but are open-minded and fun-loving. Food for thought…

Inspiring happiness

The identity of the new line leverages the popularity of beloved brands Oreo and Cadbury while showcasing the snacks in a lively light! The name emphasizes the core brand value: joy. It encapsulates the function and format of the snack while offering an emotional appeal. The “O” features the iconic Joy Fills smile to connect with the millennial’s desire for good times. A handcrafted, intentionally stacked wordmark conveys approachability and highlights the cheerful spirit of the brand! These packs will definitely stand out among crowded shelves at the supermarket.

The pack design does an amazing job in communicating the new product offering while remaining true to the global power brands and establishing Joy Fills as a new brand. It’s a testament to the fantastic partnership we had with Dragon Rouge all along this journey. Steven Saenen Global Senior Innovation Manager at Mondelez

Spreading joy across Europe

The launch of Joy Fills marks the first time a single brand has united global power brands. We weaved a universal emotion, joy, into the packaging. You can spot the expressions of happiness in the holding shape as well as the product cascade. We further tapped into emotions by embracing the consumer’s taste for vibrant colors. This release has prompted the spread of joy across Europe!