Change your view


Ikano Centres, who own IKEA stores and attached shopping centres in five countries, appointed Dragon Rouge to create the brand for its latest IKEA-anchored shopping centre in Northern Malaysia. The challenge was to develop a regional retail hub that will help to breathe life into Batu Kawan, an emerging suburban township across the bridge from the historic island city of Penang.


Penang is renowned for its diverse cultural, architectural and culinary heritage, but more recently it has become famous for its thriving creative scene, including imaginative street art seen throughout the city, part of which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ikano had already selected the name ‘Klippa’, which means friend (or stone) in Swedish, echoing the meaning of the Malay name ‘Batu Kawan’. This meaning, along with the rich cultural and creative tapestry of Penang, inspired us to create a bold brand identity for Klippa that positions it as a meeting place that provokes visitors to change their perspective… on retail, on art, on food, on community.


We chose vibrant colours that when combined with traditional Penang imagery and patterns give the brand a distinctly modern and digital edge. We also created for Ikano a blueprint for brand experience, including ideas for consumer activation and community engagement that will help to transform Batu Kawan into a thriving destination that will attract visitors from not only the city of Penang but also adjacent states in Northern Malaysia.