Klorane Bébé

Awakening baby
to the benefits of nature

The Baby skin expert

Klorane Bébé has pampered our babies’ skin for over 50 years. Known for its natural active ingredients, the brand now offers a range of baby biodegradable formula treatments to soothe and protect the most sensitive and the most delicate skins. Klorane’s design partner for more than 15 years, we have placed naturalness, sensoriality, and expertise at the heart of our reflections to imagine the visual identity of this new product line.


To reboost a product line perceived as an ageing one, Klorane Bébé has first re-thought its olfactive identity around calendula leading ingredient with calming properties. Our mission was to communicate the harmless of its care products and charm today's moms.


The identity has been completely redesigned to emphasize naturalness, modernity and above all desirability, to reflect the changing offer and to win over moms! With a delicate, innocent, and plant pattern inspired by the world of decoration Klorane Bébé steps inside baby’s intimate world. The very contemporary illustrative line shows a shining, fresh and colourful atmosphere. Its deliberately emotional approach makes it contrast with the category codes which are often rigid, austere, and medical. Products now fit right into a baby’s bedroom!