90 Years of a delicious success

Kopenhagen is a premium chocolate brand, synonymous of tradition and quality in Brazil. In 2018, we celebrated Kopenhagen 90th anniversary, continuing its rejuvenation and modernization journey.
Our journey with Kopenhagen was born from a first and delicious challenge in 2017: adding innovation to Easter packaging.
It was a big success, so we continued hand in hand with Kopenhagen to transform its visual concepts and packaging for other commemorative dates: Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas.


We created a concept using chocolates as works of art, that was translated into a much more attractive, contemporary, sophisticated and unique packaging. Each product earned its own pattern and color code. The appetite appeal was crafted to form a surreal sculpture with the stacking of the chocolate eggs, bringing fun and a modern mood to Kopenhagen’s tradition.

Mothers and Valentine's Day

To promote these two romantic dates, we created the concept Love Treats, full of contrasting colors, different geometric forms, and much fun and festivity.

Father's Day

Kopenhagen brand wanted to get closer to the male audience, so we created some exclusive Father's Day, composed by traditional chocolates and other items such as coffee, whiskey and even personalized playing cards.


Kopenhagen’s Christmas editions came with many innovative flavors and a glittering look. For its visual identity, we creatively explored the Christmas tree icon, bringing to every packet of panettone and chocolate many hot stamping points of light, reflecting the light and magic of this date.

2017 was a memorable year for Kopenhagen, not only in sales increase in these commemorative dates but also in positive brand perception by consumers and chocolate lovers. Kopenhagen has much to celebrate in its 90 years!