Paris 2024

The Games that Paris yearned to offer the World

Gather the French population

The Olympic and Paralympic Games give the world of sport a massive, global platform. Paris 2024’s ambition is to organise the Games to bring additional tangible value to society. The Games bear strong values, including accessibility to all: “Games for athletes, with Parisians, with the French population, with the World.”

Around a common ambition

Our challenge had to answer a double stake: firstly, mobilising France and building an international recognition; secondly, bearing strongly and proudly this candidature’s values: Values of a welcoming France, and moreover a warm, welcoming, cosmopolite, dynamic, audacious and human town.

A logo which advocates unity

We have created a logo with a strikingly simple, modern design that reflects the image of the games Paris dreams of giving the world.

A powerful logo that emphasises the event’s human dimension and can be easily reproduced by anybody.
A logo recalling the outline of the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of French know-how that has become the icon of the city and the entire nation.
A logo that can also be read in figures: 24 for Paris 2024 and for the 100th anniversary of the last Olympic Games held in Paris (1924).
A logo that brings people together, expressing the colours of the world, of the Olympic movement and of France.
A logo which “wins” after the official announcement in Lima on September, 13th 2017 that Paris could welcome Olympic Games in 2024.


A successful launch

The day after it was revealed on the Arch of Triumph, this new identity garnered over 25,000 tweets and nearly 100 million printings, the sign of a collective movement that unifies and mobilises.
74% of the French appreciate and understand its symbolism.

(Info Sport survey conducted on 9 February 2016 several hours after the reveal)

This logo illustrates not just the beauty and elegance of Paris, but also its modernity and ability to constantly reinvent itself. It reflects the values of a cosmopolitan, innovative city and country on the move, which shine by their openness and humanity. Anne Hidalgo Mayor of Paris


The agency also won Le Grand Prix stratégies du Design 2016.