Leveraging long time heritage


Back to the origins

Paulista brand was born in 1933, aimed at producing and putting into Brazilian family’s table the highest quality milk possible. The brand was sold to Danone Group in 2001, which maintained and improved several of Paulista manufacturing practices alongside the milk producers. Among others, the utmost care with the cows and the milking process, allowing freshness and purity.
While the quality of Paulista products is recognized by the consumers up to today, the packaging visual design had not improved and it lacked both the modernity that the category demand as well as the tradition the brand standed for during its lifetime.


In recent years consumers immersed in a quest for more clarity and quality of the food category leading to a trend from the producers to show more and more the origin and the making of their products.
Increase Paulista added value perception through a new visual identity system that could bring to life the freshness and purity of its products with origin stories reflected by emerging and dominant semiotic codes, considering the brand personality: human, simple and close.


Considering the key symbol on the redesign process development, the “cow” was treated like the protagonist bringing iconicity to the design and personality to the brand, inspired by outlined cow drawings from packages of the past. The 50 years old logotype remained the same as a tribute to the tradition of the brand, leveraging Paulista long time heritage.
Therefore, all packages were conceived bringing the most minimalist elements of a farm. The clean label reinforces the freshness and purity of our milk. The white wood panels are there to remind all consumers where the milk come from, a clean, quiet and contemporary farm. The way the ingredients are shown reassures a new perspective, modern, close and sophisticated.