News • 23 06 2021

Creating Kleenex Protection Range For Asia

To help consumers protect themselves better for viruses and bacteria, in a year where Covid stroke the whole planet, Kimberly Clark decided to launch a new Protection range under Kleenex brand in Asia.

In order to bring this new range to life, Kimberly Clark asked Dragon Rouge created the new identity of this range, and implemented it first on face masks, followed by other items to be launched soon.

For Dragon Rouge, the challenge was to communicate the product efficacy to fight viruses and bacteria – which was very new for Kleenex brand – while staying true to the brand gentle, caring and family-friendly core proposition.

Leveraging on Kleenex strong equity, we choose to follow a masterbranded approach where PROTECT subbrand lives under Kleenex. We created a Shield device used behind the subbrand name and used it as a background pattern to amplify the protection proposition. The photo-realistic mask on pack is surrounded by RTB icons communicating the product benefits and hosted within a clear round shape that signify protection against harmful particles.

Launched in 2021 in the Philippines, Kleenex Protect masks are flying off the shelf and got sold out after only 2 weeks!