News • 01 04 2020

Leading Lights #3

- Emma Law, Senior Account Manager, Dragon Rouge London

Leading Lights is our new series pointing the lens at the champions of projects, who get the job done in the day to day. We take a look behind the scenes in our London office’s client services team, a day in the life account of how it all works. Emma joined Dragon Rouge two years ago and has worked with clients from Rio Tinto to Universal Music Group.

Q.) Tell us about a typical day in the office

A.) Working across a number of accounts with multiple workstreams underneath them means no two days are ever the same – and that’s something I love about this job. Most mornings start with planning meetings or project team catch ups to make sure the strategists and designers on jobs know what they’re doing or if I need to chase the client for anything. The rest of the day is usually a mixture of proposal writing, creative brainstorms, financial planning, client meetings, internal initiatives (like Firestarters, our student design competition) and naturally, project admin.

Q.) Is the client always right?

A.) No, not always. I think this is an integral part of any agency’s job, we would be doing our clients a disservice if we did not challenge and question them. We have to allow them to see things differently and sometimes this means telling them they’re wrong, backed up with a rationale of course.

Q.) What’s your superpower?

A.) Smiling and staying calm, even when things maybe aren’t going so smoothly.

Q.) Best part and worst part of your job?

A.) Best part – working with so many amazingly talented people on a wide range of exciting clients. Worst part has to be losing out on a pitch you had a good feeling about, no one likes that.

Q.) In the office or working from home?

A.) I am writing this amidst the current COVID-19 situation, so like everyone else from the DR London office, I’m working from home. I am pleased to say that we have been managing this brilliantly and although it makes everyone’s jobs a little harder, the true Dragon spirit is still very much alive. But with that said, I would always choose working in the office, the amount of back and forth with team members is so much easier when done face to face. Plus, I miss all the office banter, it’s not quite the same over Zoom!

Q.) You have various projects for different clients going on simultaneously. How do you spin plates?

A.) Simple answer – to do lists! Plural being the key here. I have a daily list and also a broader list for bigger tasks or recurring actions. And sometimes on top of this I will have project specific lists, if we’re in an extremely complex part of the job. It’s all about regularly checking in with the team too and prioritisation. Although that’s easier said than done.

Q.) Who has been the biggest influence on you in your career?

A.) My first boss, she made me truly believe I could do this as a career and do it well. I’m pleased to say we are now good friends. She knows who she is.

Q.) What advice would you give to students looking for their first roles in branding?

A.) Know your shit and have a point of view. What’s your reason why? Knowing this as well as what’s going on in the industry will help make you stand out from the crowd.

Q.) What inspires you?

A.) A rich diet of culture, music and staying curious. I love nothing more than going to a talk, exhibition or a gig for inspiration and learning. This year I’ve been to talks on topics ranging from slut shaming to how we can survive the climate crisis, watched some extremely talented musicians and poets at Sofar Sounds and a beautiful exhibition at the V&A by Tim Walker. I’d like to end this article on some words of wisdom from him, which feel fitting to remember in these strange times:

“Ends are always followed by beginnings. Something new could start now, right here! There really are so many wonderful things.”