Café do ponto

Coffee smell in the spot

Café do Ponto is a premium coffee brand with over 60 years of history, now owned by JDE.

Coffee lovers have changed their consumption habits and Café do Ponto needed to reinvent itself appropriating its attributes of quality and tradition to bring a new concept and visual to its products.

After many workshops and researches, we built a concept inspired by the passion for coffee and presented the baristas as artists – who select the best grains to have a high-quality product. The new slogan summed up the essence of the brand: Art in making coffee.

In the visual identity and packaging we explored images of coffee universe, with lots of color contrasting with the black background and a using hard emotional brand’s history appeal.

Café do Ponto got a very good premium recognition by the consumers and approval of its special flavors and impactful packaging in the retail.