Bringing all generations together

The Coca-Cola Company asked us to develop a refreshing and modern limited edition design for Cambodia Khmer New Year for 2019 that appeals to the millennials without alienating the pioneer generation.

Global brand, local inspiration

We created a design inspired from the Cambodian traditional textile where weaving and embroidery are used as a form of cultural expression.
The Leboeuk and Chorebap patterns were chosen for each brand to symbolise good luck for the upcoming year. During Khmer New Year, these two brands are often bought as an appreciation gift for their family & friends. Hence, these auspicious patterns add a layer of meaning to this pack design, giving consumers the opportunity to share good luck with their loved ones.

A zest of modernity!

Keeping in mind the need to attract the newer generation, this design adds a modern twist to the traditional cultural concept, creating a refreshing look for the Cambodian’s biggest celebration of the year.