Capturing the downtrading opportunity

In Malaysia and Singapore, more and more consumers were downtrading and Carlsberg saw an opportunity to capitalize on the growing value-for-money segment to regain market shares against aggressive competitors.
One of the main challenges for SKOL was then to ensure the brand was relevant and resonating to the targeted audience.

“Skol” with your bros!

Carlsberg asked us to rework SKOL brand positioning so it truly connects with its consumers. We dived deep into consumer insights and what makes them enjoy a crisp and refreshing beer: sharing a moment with their close friends and let loose after a hard day of work.

Unveiling SKOL new bold look

We switched to a pack that really celebrates brotherhood, spotting two clinking mugs depicting an intangible bond shared between friends who call each other ‘Bros’. The new design really stands out on shelf with a splash of vibrant yellow and a tinge of silver and red.
The final designs have then been adapted to the SKOL Super variant sold in duty free stores in Singapore.

A promising and bright relaunch!
The rebranding has breathed new life into the brand and got it onto a steady growth.