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Bringing together the UK's nine leading research and funding councils

UK Research & Innovation
UK Research & Innovation

Demonstrating togetherness

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) brings together nine of the UK’s leading research and innovation funding councils and is responsible for over £7bn investment each year. Their role is to maintain and build the UK’s reputation for the physical, biological and social sciences, innovation, engineering, medicine, the environment and the cultural impact of the arts and humanities.

We defined a new brand purpose for UKRI, as well as creating a visual identity system that would explain the relationship between them and the nine councils.

Defining a collective purpose

We worked closely with UKRI to tell one unique story that elevated their role above the functional task of distributing funding. This story creates greater pride amongst employees and demonstrates the wider value that UKRI delivers for government, the public and the wider world at large and is centred on a simple idea of creating knowledge with impact.

Creative impact

UKRI’s new visual identity builds on this story and brings together the nine councils under a common design system, whilst at the same time allowing them to retain a sense of individuality. The council logos themselves are sections of the UKRI master logo, and help to tell a story of how the sum is greater than the parts.

We also introduced a broader colour palette, a bolder font family and graphic patterns across the whole organisation. All of these elements come together to create a modern, impactful identity system that is both flexible and dynamic, which ensures a clear consistent approach across UKRI and the councils.

UKRI has an important role to play and an important story to tell. The unified brand will help us to tell this story nationally and internationally. Professor Sir Mark Walport UK Research and Innovation Chief Executive
Our new brand provides clarity and consistency across the organisation, and the bold colour palette helps to illustrate the innovative nature of the research we fund. Katrina Nevin-Ridley UKRI Director of External Relations, Communications and Public Engagement