News • 30 03 2020

The 3 brand schools: Which stage is your brand at?

Brands need to be ignited and propelled forward through clarity and enduring energy to achieve ambitions. To deliver that clarity and set them on the right course, teams must source and dig deeper into the all-important first step of brand truth, by which we mean a deep and honest assessment of a brand (the good and the bad), what motivates it, what it can credibly claim.
While every brand’s truth is unique, there is often an identifiable stage that a brand is in.

Staying with the field of psychology, our Southeast Asia executive director, strategy & innovation, Jeff McFarland, identified 3 schools that may provide insight for determining where your brand is now and what it needs next.

1. The first school, begun by the famous Sigmund Freud, believes man is primarily driven by the will to pleasure or is striving for immediate and instinctual desires. This is how many brands start – recognising an exciting commercial opportunity, trying to navigate chaotic start-up waters, hoping to achieve a vision or a big payoff.

2. The second school, linked to Alfred Adler and Friedrich Nietzsche, focuses on the “will to power” or the goals of skill, improvement, accomplishment, mastery, superiority.

3. The third Viennese school of psychotherapy, coined by Viktor Frankl, is characterised by the “will to meaning”, the search for purpose or seeking something bigger than yourself, which can serve as powerful momentum for individuals and organisations alike.”

3 schools perfectly illustrated through the examples of 3 famous entrepreneurs: Adam Neumann, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates

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