Awards • 20 12 2022



The challenge

ANNEMARIE BÖRLINDs positioning leaves no space for interpretation but creates a vast world to explore: DESIGNED BY NATURE is the guiding principle for all of the brands actions.
Our challenge was to relaunch their range of decorative cosmetics: from make-up to lipstick to eyeshadow. While many decorative natural make-up lines are still facing issues like a lack of colour intensity, this is not true for ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND. The products are highly pigmented and made to last.

Our Approach : effective natural beauty

With the goal of transporting the brands promise of effective natural cosmetics onto the packaging and communication design, we developed our strategic approach:
Packaging and visuals are guided by a palette du nature. For the primary packaging this means sleek, minimalisitic containers and elegant embossing of the products.
The outer packs are convincing with light, yet powerful shades while the visuals are bringing the products to live with almost mystic composing, inviting the customers to a journey through the world of dynamic, modern and effective natural cosmetics.

A holistic brand experience coming to life

The promise of a colourful, well performing brand experience with a natural core has been developed for various touchpoints: from retail to online and into the customers homes – ANNEMARIE BÖRLINDs make-up range will bring its powerful message anywhere.
Caring for our natural surroundings is deeply rooted in ANNEMARIE BÖRLINDs DNA: All paper packaging is made from regionally sourced wood from the Black Forest, the products waive mineral oil derivatives or microplastics and are made with natural ingredients only.

The design was awarded with the German Brand Award in 2022.