News • 18 07 2019

Embracing all things French

Who better than 1664 to embrace Frenchness in its design? This truly French brand, bearing the colours of France, promotes distinctly French values and is manufactured in France but distributed in more than 80 countries around the world.

Fusing tradition with the avant-garde

Its transient new identity is truly a breath of fresh air, blending tradition with the avant-garde. The unmistakably modern yet crafty look is inspired by 1664’s well-known brand assets. Our design showcases the legendary dark blue hue but unleashes itself from the more conservative assets. Gone are the famous rosette, the touch of red, the emblems and the medals.

The signature, the brushed aluminium textured effect and the beer basket together with an entirely re-invented logo form a design that combines authenticity and craftmanship, the perfect crafty combination.

The design subtly communicates 1664’s French roots and its brand values (namely authenticity, sharing and elegance).

This is the very first time that 1664 has liberated itself from its classic graphic codes. The fresh look has boosted proximity and radiates a relaxed elegance. Out with the serious and in with the fun! Our original design coupled with a new taste has made for a perfect match.