News • 22 09 2022

Gentari: A new clean energy initiative from Petronas


Petronas is a Fortune 500 energy company with operations around the world. Petronas executives recognized the urgent need to create a credible clean energy company.

Petronas tasked Dragon Rouge with creating an entirely new brand dedicated to bringing clean energy solutions to market, namely hydrogen, renewable energy and green mobility. We studied the energy market, including the emerging clean energy industry, to identify the positioning opportunity for the new brand. We then defined a brand strategy including purpose, positioning, experience principles, and personality, culminating in a big idea for the brand: “Movement for a Better Energy Future.” Through a co-creation process with the client, we helped create the name “Gentari,” a unique and captivating combination of two words: “generation” and “lestari” (sustainability in Malay). We translated the brand narrative into a dynamic, digital identity system, including motion design. The unique icon captures the spirit of the “Movement for a Better Energy Future.” The brand is generating excitement among B2B audiences and investors and is poised to make waves in the clean energy sector.