News • 15 12 2014


Organix, Britain’s first organic baby food range, launched its Goodies brand in 2004 offering a growing-up range of fun, healthy snacks for toddlers and young children. The new brand reinforced Organix’s drive to make things better in children’s food, working with parents to demand a better food environment and supporting them to make good food choices.

Now celebrating its 10 year anniversary, Goodies’ colourful presence in the baby aisle needed a refresh to best complement the visual equity of the parent brand as well as aligning the wholesome food values and harmonising elements like the No Junk Promise.

As creators of the refreshed Organix packaging, Dragon Rouge was delighted to take on the challenge of re-invigorating the Goodies design, strengthening its character and emotional promise. The design was created to integrate with the Organix parent identity, support its real food values, whilst retaining Goodies’ unique brand personality and appeal; so we heroed the engaging Goodies gang, each in their own explorer zones, energising them as they interacted with bold graphic ingredients, natural food photography and fun foodie facts, all staying true to the charm of the little people originally conceived by illustrator, Caroline Jayne Church. The result, a colourful and cohesive brand identity.

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