News • 10 07 2014

Le Petit Marseillais – hypoallergenic line

Le Petit Marseillais proposes a new hypoallergenic line for the sensitive skins of children and adults.

Designed to be used on sensitive skin, Le Petit Marseillais now features a hypoallergenic line including shower and bath products and moisturizing lotions which have been tested under dermatological supervision and have a neutral pH for protecting the skin.

The brand reveals its high-tolerance formulas with total transparency by relying on a transversal ingredient which will be highlighted majestically at the heart of the design: aloe vera sap, recognized for its soothing properties.

Le Petit Marseillais remains true to its roots while adding enjoyment to a product which is too often insipid and odorless. It now contains subtle scents which have been specially developed for fragile skins. This is emphasized by a touch of color which adds life to the design.

For your shower, you can choose either apple, apricot or almond blossoms for a sensual treat and a pure moment of relaxation.

The moisturizing lotions with calendula or chamomile will hydrate and pamper your skin daily.

Sensitive skins which are both fragile and dry – and even very dry – will no longer have to choose between protection and pleasure!

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