News • 30 11 2018

Let’s stop speaking about women and show them!

For more than 50 years, Contrex has shared the life of women. A relationship which is not stuck in a rut. To go further, Contrex launches Les Elles by Contrex a financial support program for women who want to carry out a project via the crowdfunding platform Ulule.

To publicize this major program, the brand re-thinks packs and shrink wrap packaging as real activation tools, and doing so, breaking the category codes which was until then more “branding first”.

Let’s stop speaking about women and show them in a universe in harmony with all the activation supports (digital, print, ad copy): bright colors, bold typographies to express the energy of the project-carriers.

This universe with a shelf impact also gives the brand an opportunity to strengthen its link with women. Not only it helps them, but it gives them a genuine modern-time heroin status.

All these faces of fulfilled women as brand icons. Who could be better Contrex ambassadors?