Event • 05 11 2019

Mathieu Sakkas speaks at the Forum de la Billetterie

Mathieu Sakkas, our Managing Director of Corporate, Service & Retail Branding, participated in a conference today at the Forum de la Billetterie, an event dedicated to actors in the fields of Culture, Museums, Sport, Amusement Parks and Cultural Tourism.

The round-table discussion, centred on the theme “Brand identity at the service of commercialization: a vital coherence issue”, brought together powerful brand stories and those who wrote them.
– What does it take to build a strong brand platform?
– How to best understand its deployment at all levels of event organisation?
– How can we measure the benefits it brings?

Mathieu attended to share his experience and explain how to give a brand a new lease of life, particularly through concrete examples in the world of sport.

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