News • 31 05 2023

Nominated for The Drum Chip Shop Awards

We are delighted to have been nominated once again for The Drum Chip Shop Awards 2023.

The Drum Chip Shop Awards celebrate pure, unadulterated creativity. It’s a platform where anything and everything is allowed, an awards show with no rules and no boundaries meaning the possibilities are endless!

Our entry is for the ‘Best Plagiarism or Adoption of Existing work’ category.

The UK government has recently introduced new legislation that would place a duty on the home secretary to detain and remove those arriving in the UK illegally, either to Rwanda or another “safe” third country. People removed from the UK would be blocked from returning, or seeking British citizenship in future. British politician Suella Braverman has insisted Rwanda is a safe country for migrants, despite evidence that 12 Congolese refugees were shot dead by police there in 2018.

*It should be assumed The Chip Shop Award entries do not reflect the views, policies, or strategies of any organization living or dead. In fact, it has mostly been created without the knowledge of those the work purports to either promote or parody.